I'm french photographer. I'm working and living in Paris. 


I studied photography in Paris. 

I have a passion for photography and experimenting  new culture.


I love learning new languages and learning new skills.


I can speak french, english, spanish and português.


I have been taking pictures in paris for 6 years now. I enjoyed every person that I met trough the photo session and I'm still learning every day.


Hope to meet you soon for a great photoshoot in paris.


What other travelers are saying about Alex?



"I booked Alex for a photography session and it was the best idea I had during my trip. The pictures are absolutely lovely and I had so much fun during the session. We met near the Alexandre 3 Bridge and Alex was so professional from the beginning to the end"  Viktoria

"My husband and I love to travel but some of the downsides to traveling as a couple, are the lack of photos together (that aren't selfies).  On our recent trip to Paris, I decided to find a photographer to take photos of me and my husband.  I stumbled upon Alex's Instagram page and knew I had to reach out and see if he was available during the dates we would be in Paris.  Fortunately he was available.  Emailing Alex back and forth was very easy and we quickly settled on a date, time, and location of the session.  

Everything went great during the one hour we had.  Alex had some great ideas to get the perfect shot and to eliminate other tourists from being in the picture.  

The overall experience was wonderful and I would definitely contact Alex again the next time we go to Paris" John and Ketty